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The 'ME' bit

Hi, Just a page with some background information, hopefully helping paint a good picture of me.


Born 1969 in Portsmouth with a mis-spelt name thanks to my parents (LHEA is a misspelling of the name LEE, even though my dad still todays swears he has seen it...he is from the 1960's MOD generation...explains it all bless him.)  


I joined the embroidery world in 1988 after leaving Art College as a embroidery digitiser, producing designs the old fashion way...drawing board and hand punching each stitch, ways I carry through to today. I don’t use all the bells and whistles offered in embroidery software, I use tried and tested techniques to get the best results, and that with a full knowledge of running an embroidery machine using various fabric types I believe my designs to be such top quality, there’s no accounting for experience.


Over the years I have produced many designs which have ended up being famous...I produced all the embroidery for BAND OF BROTHERS series, Tour jackets for IRON MAIDEN/SIMPLY RED/ROLLING STONES/TAKE THAT to name but a few, Films including GLADIATOR (The large flags at the beginning), Formula One Overalls,( hard to see though at 150mph I know, but never had any stitching come undone at that speed), and many a TV series.


I am also a fully trained Graphic Designer and Illustrator, which only helps to produce the perfect looking design as I like to be creative with stitches where possible, giving you that edge above your competitors.

I could go on forever, but don’t want to bore you...but I would like to add that I really look after my customers,  helping you to win orders on quality and price which will only help me with more orders, so making us all happy.


Thanks for your time, hopefully I will hear from you.

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