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Hello and welcome to Creative Needle


With services like this constantly being outsourced to other countries, translation and skill can be lost with thread breaks, un-legible text, distorted designs and unnecessary trims all giving you a headache when running the designs on your machines. With Creative Needle, homegrown on the South Coast of England you just get me producing your designs, digitised to run hassle free and give an excellent result first time (so happy smiles all round).


The plus side of being an artist/designer as well means my creative stitching skills really come into its own where needed. Machine type, fabric, lead time and price point are top of my list, including any advice or help you may need, and with over 30 years in the business, I have plenty of it.

You might find this article in Images magazine interesting as explains it all..only 3 pages so shouldn't bore you too much.

Click on the link and enjoy 40-43

Embroidery Prices

I'm afraid its the all-important price info. I keep the prices as low as possible, thus making you a healthy profit for you and at the same time keeping the wolves away from my door, but never compromising quality and service.

Drop me an email together with any artworks/pictures and I can return a quote/prices to you.


Quotes are FREE


Resend of Design is FREE

Small amends/Colour changes are FREE

Help is always FREE

Large Discounts are given to large infill stitched areas and if you need to win an order based on price then we can always discuss that too.

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