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We can personalise your polo shirts, t-shirts, hoodies, toweling in quantities of only one or hundreds. With our network of outsourcers, we are experienced in all forms of garment embroidery and printing and can pick the most cost-effective method for your needs. We believe in quality and we supply quality garments to all walks of life, or if you have your own garments you wish us to embroider on then that's fine as well. So whether you require one-off promo items, ongoing workwear supplies, or just general leisure garments then we can help you.


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Below is general help and information to the processes we can offer.


Bespoke Design

We’re happy to work with your artwork or established logo but if you need something new or bespoke we’ll be happy to help. As we know exactly what’s needed for embroidery and printing we can tailor a design to suit the method you’d like for the best impact and price. This can range from a logo for your business, alteration to an existing design or a brand new illustration. 


Custom Embroidery

Custom Embroidery can really make your garments stand out, whether it’s a professional look to a piece of workwear or adding some style to a fashion range. Unlike screen printing embroidery brands garments by stitching them with threads to create a design. This means the design you supply has to be digitised so that it is made up of stitches. While the thread we use comes in set colours (so there’s no mixing option as with inks) there is a wide range and we’ll make sure we use the closest thread we can to match your colours. We run a number of 16 head digital embroidery machines capable of 1000+ stitches every minute. They can produce high-quality customisation onto almost all garments. We can embroider on a host of products from polo shirts to rucksacks and baseball caps!


Screen Printing

We can screen print a host of designs ranging from the striking single and multicolour designs.
Screen printing is ideal for large runs of t-shirts, hoodies, polo-shirts etc.


Heat Seal Transfer

Single colour vinyl

Ideal for short runs and quick production. This vinyl comes in a range of colours including fluorescent for high visibility workwear. Despite being a single colour the vinyl can be layered on a garment to make a multi-coloured design to suit your needs.


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